Bitrix24 - 2 Way SMS (English version)

Sending SMS via "2 Way SMS - MyHub" is fast and cost-effective. SMS from Bitrix24 to clients by using sim mobile on your Android phone.


  • Send SMS directly from Lead, Deal, Contact in Bitrix24
  • Send SMS by Trigger Bitrix24
  • Send SMS by Automation rules for all leads or deals
  • Two-way SMS in any сountries
  • Web SMS interface

1. How To Install MyHub App For Bitrix24

Install the 2 Way SMS - MyHub from the Bitrix24 marketplace: go to Applications section inside your account, use Search to find "2 Way SMS - MyHub", open MyHub app & click on Install:

2. How To Create A MyHub Account

In case you don't have a MyHub account yet, please Sign up. Add your username, create password & email address:
Update your account info:

3. How To Install MyHub App On Android Phone

  • Login MyHub App on your phone with the Account which created in step 2
  • Allow MyHub running in background:
    • Go to Settings > Installed Apps > select MyHub > Allow MyHub running in background
    • Go to Settings > Installed Apps > select MyHub > Turn on Autostart
  • Turn off Battery Saver on Android:
    • Go to Settings > Battery > turn off Low Power Mode or Battery Optimization (Doze mode).
Instructions for sign-up & install MyHub on Android phone

4. How To Integrate MyHub App For Bitrix24

Log in to Your MyHub account, go to "Settings" > "Tools" > acitve "API Integration" > click "Set Up"
  • Enter your Bitrix24 domain
  • Click "Get Employees From Bitrix24" button, select Bitrix24 user with the sim management
  • Click Save
Install MyHub with Bitrix24 is completed, now you can send SMS directly from Bitrix24 domain.
In case you use MyHub Free Trial, you will get 7 day free trial. On the 8th day, please go to "Settings" > "Sim Management" > Click "Go To Subscription Page" to activate your subscription.

5. How To Use MyHub Integration In Bitrix24

MyHub integration can be found in CRM. Open Lead, Contact or Deal & go to SMS activity. Here you can send an SMS via MyHub.
Send SMS from Lead
For Leads & Deals SMS messaging can be automated with the help of Automation Rules. Go to Automation section > select status & click on configure automation rules > add rules > client communication > Send SMS:
Send SMS Automation
Select a provider to send SMS to client:
Send SMS Automation
Notify when have new SMS:
All questions regarding MyHub for Bitrix24 app work can be sent to Community Group. In case you have any questions connected with MyHub service, please contact via Skype: get.more_become.more.