Bitrix24 - MyHub Android Call (English version)

MyHub provides integration with Bitrix24 via easy configuration. The integration provides many benefits to users.


  • Customer identification: customer information is stored on Bitrix24, easy to capture information and history of working with customers.

  • Call log history: store and record all inbound and outbound calls on Bitrix24 including information such as: date and time, call duration, ...

  • Click to Call: launch calls directly from Bitrix24 via MyHub

1. How To Install MyHub App For Bitrix24

Install the MyHub Android Call from the Bitrix24 marketplace: go to Applications section inside your account, use Search to find "MyHub Android Call", open MyHub app & click on Install.

Click on the menu icon on the top left corner and go to "Telephony" > "Connection"

Click Configure Telephony, select "Telephony Settings"

In the section Default number for outgoing calls, select "MyHub Android Call", click Save

2. How To Create A MyHub Account

In case you don't have a MyHub account yet, please Sign up. Add your username, create password & email address:

Update your account info:

3. How To Install MyHub App On Android Phone

If you encounter an error while installing the Myhub app, please follow the steps below

If you encounter the error as shown in the image below, please follow these steps:

  • On your phone, open Settings -> Go to Security -> Select Google Play Protect -> Tap on the top right corner -> Turn off Play Protect.

  • Login MyHub App on your phone with the Account which created in step 2.

  • Enable Call Recording:

    • In the phone has default Call Recording:

      • Open the dialer (From which you make Calls)

      • Click on the Three Lines on the Bottom Left (in Xiaomi) or Top Right (in Samsung, OPPO/Realme)

      • Click on "Settings"

      • Choose "Call Recording"

      • Enable the "Record Calls Automatically"

    • In the phone don't have Record Calls Automatically:

  • Allow MyHub running in background:

    • Go to Settings > Installed Apps > select MyHub > Allow MyHub running in background

    • Go to Settings > Installed Apps > select MyHub > Turn on Autostart

    • Go to Settings > Installed Apps > select Record Calls app > Allow running in background

    • Go to Settings > Installed Apps > select Record Calls app > Turn on Autostart

  • Turn off Battery Saver on Android:

    • Go to Settings > Battery > turn off Low Power Mode or Battery Optimization (Doze mode).

4. How To Integrate MyHub App For Bitrix24

Log in to Your MyHub account, go to "Settings" > "Tools" > acitve "API Integration" > click "Set Up"

  • Enter your Bitrix24 domain:

  • Click "Get Employees From Bitrix24" button, select Bitrix24 user with the sim management.

  • Click Save:

Install MyHub with Bitrix24 is completed, now you can click-to-call directly from Bitrix24 domain.

In case you use MyHub Free Trial, you will get 7 day fee trial. On the 8th day, please go to "Settings" > "Sim Management" > Click "Go To Subscription Page" to active your subscription.

5. How To Use MyHub Integration In Bitrix24

MyHub integration can be found in CRM. Open Lead, Contact or Deal & Click-to-call on phone number. Here you can make an call via MyHub:

The call log will show in the lead activity:

Also, you can go to the "Telephony" > "Call details" to view all call histories:

All questions regarding MyHub for Bitrix24 app work can be sent to Community Group. In case you have any questions connected with MyHub service, please contact via Skype: get.more_become.more.

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